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Pamphlets, Newsletters, Booklets, Sell Sheets & Flyer
Full-Color Printing

Do you need a newsletter, pamphlet, booklet, sell sheet or flyer printed?

These are branding tools that make a statement about your business. LB Printery offers you quality at affordable prices.

Newsletter, Flyer, Booklet, Sell Sheet & Pamphlet Design Tips

When creating your newsletter, pamphlet, booklet, sell sheet or flyer, keep the design consistent – colors, fonts, images. Keeping margins and headers the same through the entire piece also gives you a professional image, which helps deliver your marketing message. It’s best to create a template and use that as the basis for any printed marketing collateral.

Keep fonts to a minimum–no more than three is the recommended number. Arbitrarily using several font sizes and types only lessen the appeal of your publication and make it have an amateur look and will do nothing to brand your business as one of quality and professionalism. Avoid italicized type as it slows down the reader.

The suggested font size for the body of your publication is between 9 and 11 points. An excellent rule of thumb is to set the leading text two or three points higher than the body text size.

Because most people read from left to right, don’t make it difficult for them by inflicting irregular shaped blocks of type. For maximum readability, use headlines and sub-heads to break up long blocks of text in your piece.

Finally, consult with a graphic designer or your printer, they are professionals have knowledge and insight on pamphlet, newsletter, booklet and flyer design.


Printing your Newsletter, Pamphlet, Booklet, Sell Sheet & Flyer

You have options for printing your collateral. You can print in-house using your laser or inkjet printer or you can contact LB Printery and have them do it for you. We strongly suggest using LB Printery. They have the expertise and production capabilities to create beautiful, full-color works and will use their creative ideas that will bring out the best in your collateral.

All of these design and production ideas are great but the best way to distinguish your business from your competitors is with great content. So your first priority is to make sure your writing creates the best impression on your audience.

Graphics & Photos

The graphics and photos in your printed piece are very important. Don’t get carried away, though. KISS (keep it simple, stupid) is the best policy to follow. You need just enough to get your message across without going overboard and give your reader a visual idea of whom and what your company is.

The cover is the most important as it is the front door of your piece. It sets the tone and makes people want to read it. Be sure to include important information so you can let the reader know what the piece is about and who the company is that is putting out the piece. Create a unique title that readers can identify at a glance.

Full Color Sell Sheets, Flyers, Pamphlets & Leaflet, Newsletters & Booklet Printing

Turn to LB Printery for commercial and print-on-demand services that will get your color flyers, pamphlets or leaflets, newsletters and booklets printed at an affordable price. Specializing in high quality commercial and print-on-demand services, LB Printery is a full color printer that believes that your image is everything.

Let us show you the difference our printing services can make in your next full-color printing project. We invite you to call and talk with one of representative and see the difference for yourself!

Contact LB Printery today to discuss your full color invoice printing needs.

Printing for you commercial offset needs


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